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Published January 21, 2019

Keywords are crucial to take your content on the top of Google search page. For brands whether big or small, it is incredibly important to stay in a certain position. This way, businesses get maximum exposure along with website traffic.

Just like this, Google ads are also a great way to get brand visibility. And before starting a campaign, it is the best to list down keywords that will show Google ads to the target audience.

Many people are not familiar with the process of making a keyword list. So, this blog is going to discuss it in detail.

Think from Customer’s Perspective

You can come up with realistic keywords if think like a customer. For this, you should think about a word or phrase a customer may use to find the product or service. You can also use a phrase that your customer might use to describe the services you offer.

Let’s take a look at this example. If you sell skin care products, your customers are going to use words like an exfoliator, serum, or sunscreen etc. You can also try words like skin and beauty as well.

To Reach More People

If you are planning to target a wider audience, you can also add general keywords. This is necessary because general keywords will let you appear on the searches that are not necessarily associated with your niche.

Moreover, you can test using general keywords to observe its benefit. Keep one thing in mind that even a general word should be relevant to your industry so you can still reach to a target audience.

To understand it better, you can opt for a simple yet common word like a shoe. Now, people who are interesting in fashion will across your shoe website that goes through the variety you have.

Target Specific Customers

It is obvious that keywords help you in finding specific customers. However, this step can become difficult if you do not pay attention. To target certain customers, you can write categories of your business, first.

Then, find different phrases and terms that will go well under these categories. Also, make a list about words or phrases that your customers will likely to use it. For example, if you run a clothing business online, you can specify it using words like women tunics, girls sweater, or winter coats etc.

Number of Keywords

If you are wondering, experts recommend adding around 5-20 keywords on one ad group. Take note that you can even use 20 keywords in one ad without giving it a second thought.

However, you need to ensure that your ad groups must have keywords relating to the theme of that group. At this point, you need to comprehend that keywords are likely to match variations such as a plural version of a word. So, you do not need to work in this regard.

Bottom Line

If you have never made a list for Google ads, you can use the aforementioned ways to get the best one. Keep the words relevant to your niche and you are good to go.

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